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Fighting with a Young Heart

daFOO —  2021 / 1 Tracks / profimusic / 4061707691645

Wow, what a great song, what a strong songwriting and what a great production!
For his latest song, the Swiss daFOO has put together a trio, which can be called a dream team. “Fighting with a Young Heart” was written by Daniel Volpe together with Charlie Mason and produced by Ben Muehlethaler. Together with the extravagant vocals of daFOO we get to hear a very catchy, but also wonderfully independent song. Full daFOO style and music somewhere between alternative, electronic, indie and synth pop.

“Fighting with a Young Heart” is a fictional story of a young woman trying to achieve her dream as an actress in Holywood. She stumbles and crashes, but she keeps fighting to achieve her dream. At the age of 17, daFOO booked herself a trip to Los Angeles to start a career as a singer. What happened next… ask him yourself …

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