“daFOO’s voice is the most beautiful and emotional voice I’ve ever heard”, says Pete Leuenberger, Live Music Producer of Karls Kühne Gassenschau (one of the biggest shows in Switzerland). It is the main reason why Pete Leuenberger invited daFOO in his Studio in summer 2013. After six months of producing with session musicians like Michael Wespi daFOO changed to the 571 recording studios (77 Bombay Street, Sido, Justin Timberlake etc.) in Zurich where the Album was finalized. It then took another six months until September 2014 to master the 12 song – album at Echochamber Mastering (Xavas, Stress, Eluveitie, Pegasus etc.). To describe daFOO’s pop music in one sentence is quiet impossible, but let`s try with a few more: The roots of daFOO’s music are in the 80ies. Obviously, his music is influenced by bands such as U2, Muse and Arcade Fire. But the 12 – track album also draws from other styles of music like Punk, Folk, Jazz, Elektro, Reggae, Blues and Hip Hop. His music has its own character merging different sounds and styles of 40 years of music history. daFOO`s unique voice covering several octaves can be compared to the voices of Bono, Win Butler or even Freddie Mercury. daFOO is a Singer & Songwriter whose songs are about personal crisis, social criticism, spirituality and of course love. His lyrics are like the eye in the middle of the storm. And if you asked him which kind of storm he was referring to, he would say: “My whole life has been shaped by hurricanes.” Religious manipulation, violence and crime were part of his youth. Today daFOO works as a youth worker where he is faced with young people in similar circumstances.

The debut album ‘Everydayeyes’ was released in 2015 and was immediately placed at position 85 in Swiss Album Charts. The single ‘You Lift Me Up (feat. @omic Kidz)’, which was released in 2017, reached the 74th place in the Swiss Single Charts. The single „40 Days“, released in Autumn 2018 and produced by Pele Loriano, reached position 59 and a considerable number of radio plays.

The new single ‘Cryptical’ will be released on 15.06.2018 by profimedia.

Sun, blue sky, the doorbell rings, daFOO opens the door and a man tells him about chemtrails through which the white stripes in the sky arise. The Swiss government and many others are spreading poison to keep population growth under control.
When daFOO informed himself about it on the internet, he was surprised that this topic had already been taken up in various ways by the media. This event and experiences with people who are afraid of Big Brother (Illuminati, Internet, NSA, etc.) have been employing daFOO for a long time and reminded him that he was scared of it in his youth.
This inspired him to write the song “Cryptical”, which deals with conspiracy theories. The chorus is an answer to fears spread by such bodies of thought: „if we believe, let`s waste our life tonight, we will receive a taste of life tonight“. daFOO: “Instead of being afraid of Big Brother, you must enjoy life to the fullest. Fear is not a good counselor and Cryptical is my statement for a carefree lifestyle.”
With influences from Twenty One Pilots and One Republic, the song sounds as if it comes from the depths of the human soul, which cries out for help in fear and fights its way to freedom. “Cryptical” is the first single which was written and produced by daFOO himself. For mixing and mastering the song was given into the hands of Dan Suter.